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Video of the Week: Run On Sentence performing “I Will Run To You” with Josh Fox at True False Film Festival

Run on sentence from Corey Ransberg on Vimeo. We know constantly reading about the latest oil spill or horrifying report on the impacts of fracking can be emotionally taxing.That’s why we wanted to share this … Read More

Video of the Week: Don’t Frack My Mother

Last week, Josh and I stopped in on an Otsego County Coalition Against Unsafe Drilling(CAUD) meeting near Cooperstown, New York, and it inspired us to bring back Artist Against Fracking’s incredible video “Don’t Frack My Mother” as … Read More

Video of the Week – The Myth of the Local Fracking Boom: A Denton Shale Gas Short

When the oil and gas industry comes to town, they like to brag about the benefits fracking will bring to the local economy. We’ve seen this myth unravel again and again. Whether it’s Chesapeake Energy stiffing … Read More

Video of the week: This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom

This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom from Dakota Resource Council on Vimeo. “It was the way America is suppose to be. Now come look at it.  And it’s all for … Read More

Video of the week: The Ten Year Old Fractivist

Our video of the week features one of the youngest and most inspiring Fractivist that we’ve ever met. Siena is a 10 year old Fractivist from California.  She’s a strong, motivated young lady on a mission … Read More

Video of the Week: In New York there are Six Nations Against Fracking

While California faces crazy droughts, coal ash spills into North Carolina’s rivers and dangerous chemicals have poisoned water in West Virginia, the moratorium against toxic hydro-fracking goes into a fourth year in New York state. … Read More

Video of the week – Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale: Big Oil and Bad Air On the Texas Prairie

What struck me most about this incredible reporting from the Center for Public Integrity, InsideClimate News, and The Weather Channel was the segment that begins with an interview with Neil Carman, formally with the Texas Commission on … Read More

Video of the week: Flashback to “Gasland” Director Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing

Last week  the Science, Space and Technology Committee, in a hearing titled  Examining the Science of EPA Overreach: A Case Study in Texas, denied the scientific evidence that proves unconventional drilling and fracking contaminated ground … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: A Letter to Secretary Moniz

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz has publicly supported fracking and denied its climate impacts. His belief that fracking can be done safely is wrong. We know the science proves that, but the Obama administration … Read More

Video of the week: Fracking in the Land of Lincoln

Our first grassroots screening of Gasland Part II was in Normal, Illinois at the Normal Theater. Originally, Illinois wasn’t even on our schedule, but with the State Legislature poised to open the state up for … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Who is Saying Yes and Who is Saying No?

A week ago today, Josh was on the Melissa Harris-Perry show to talk about the chemical spill in West Virginia that left 300,000 people without clean water. If you missed it, here’s the segment Josh … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Take that, you bullies!

Below is a post from our friends at the Delaware Riverkeeper Network about Act 13 in Pennsylvania, an important Supreme Court decision on fracking and victory for fractivist in PA and across the world.  Act … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Energy “Reform” in Mexico Will Only Pave the Road for Fracking

Intro from Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator and post from Claudia Campero, Mexico Organizer: Below is a post from Claudia Campero, an organizer living in Mexico City. Mexico is at stage many countries were in just several … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: The Mayflower Oil Spill

Intro from Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator and post from April Lane, Arkansas organizer: Arkansas is feeling the full effects of being an extractive energy state. It’s been rocked by earthquakes and covered in oil, yet often … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Terroir

From Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator: Every bottle of wine tells a different story. It’s a story that begins in the distinct soil the vines grow from. It’s a story that is shaped by the history and … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Fracking the Home Team in Denton, Texas

Intro from Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator and post from Adam Briggle, Denton, Texas organizer: After over 45 Gasland Part II screenings across the globe, we’ve seen a lot of awesome activist t-shirts.  I love them because … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Power Shift

The story didn’t end with Gasland Part II.  It continues everyday.  Josh, the Gasland team and myself, want to bring that story to you in an exciting new form, The Not From Gasland Journal. From … Read More

Hurricane Exxon remembered. “Occupy Sandy” short film by Josh Fox

One year ago today Hurricane Sandy hit.  A superstorm amped up by a warming climate. On this day we have to remember those who died  and those who lost everything. But more than just remembrance, … Read More

Colorado Drowning in Frack Fluid

I’m calling on Governor Hickenlooper to immediately enact a statewide ban on all extractive mining operations/Fracking until such time all completed wells in Colorado are just inspected in accordance with flood plain regulations. Current setbacks … Read More

Gasland Part II in Europe (the short version!)

This past week has been incredibly inspiring. On September 4th we had a sold out screening of Gasland Part II in the European Parliament in Brussels and met dozens of anti-fracking activists from all across … Read More

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