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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Not From Gasland Journal: Terroir

From Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator: Every bottle of wine tells a different story. It’s a story that begins in the distinct soil the vines grow from. It’s a story that is shaped by the history and … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Fracking the Home Team in Denton, Texas

Intro from Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator and post from Adam Briggle, Denton, Texas organizer: After over 45 Gasland Part II screenings across the globe, we’ve seen a lot of awesome activist t-shirts.  I love them because … Read More

Not From Gasland Journal: Power Shift

The story didn’t end with Gasland Part II.  It continues everyday.  Josh, the Gasland team and myself, want to bring that story to you in an exciting new form, The Not From Gasland Journal. From … Read More

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