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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Video of the Week: Don’t Frack My Mother

Last week, Josh and I stopped in on an Otsego County Coalition Against Unsafe Drilling(CAUD) meeting near Cooperstown, New York, and it inspired us to bring back Artist Against Fracking’s incredible video “Don’t Frack My Mother” as … Read More

Video of the Week – The Myth of the Local Fracking Boom: A Denton Shale Gas Short

When the oil and gas industry comes to town, they like to brag about the benefits fracking will bring to the local economy. We’ve seen this myth unravel again and again. Whether it’s Chesapeake Energy stiffing … Read More

Video of the week: This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom

This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom from Dakota Resource Council on Vimeo. “It was the way America is suppose to be. Now come look at it.  And it’s all for … Read More

Video of the week: The Ten Year Old Fractivist

Our video of the week features one of the youngest and most inspiring Fractivist that we’ve ever met. Siena is a 10 year old Fractivist from California.  She’s a strong, motivated young lady on a mission … Read More

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